Giraffe Graph

A new born giraffe is two meters tall. Within the first year a giraffe doubles in height. Assume this statement is true for every year the giraffe lives. How tall would the giraffe be in 5 years? The second graph shows the rate of change of the giraffes height in time years.

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Acceleration of Growth
Growth Rate of Giraffe
Growth in Meters per Year

The orange line shows the rate at which a giraffe would grow if it started its precious life at 2 meters tall and continued to double in height each year of its cute life. The yellow graph is the derivative of the original graph. This shows the growth rate of the giraffe in meters per year. Second derivatives show the slope of the original graph. The red graph is the double derivative of the orange graph! This shows the acceleration of the giraffes growth. Hope you like giraffes.
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