Decline of Lions

This graph shows the decline of lions from the 1800's till the year 2000. These facts were pulled from I used the given information for each year and made a purple point. I had found the line of best fit to come up with an equation for the decline of the lions. The first point is (1800, 1200000) because in the 1800's there were approximately 1.2 million lions. I had to make the y values smaller in order for the information to show on the graph. So for each y-value, multiply it by 1000, and that will be the actual amount of lions still living in that year. "Lions are dying off rapidly across Africa. These cats once ranged across the continent and into Syria, Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, and even northwest India; 2,000 years ago more than a million lions roamed the Earth. Since the 1940s, when lions numbered an estimated 450,000, lion populations have blinked out across the continent. Now they may total as few as 20,000 animals. Scientists connect the drastic decreases in many cases to burgeoning human populations. The Big Cats Initiative aims to halt lion population declines by the year 2015 and to restore populations to sustainable levels. You can be part of this important work by donating to the Big Cats Initiative or by applying for a grant to help big cats."

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Acceleration of Decline
Rate Of Change
Decline of Lions

I used calculus and derivatives to show the decline of lions over the years. The lime green line shows the decline of the lion in years. The red line shows the rate at which the lions were declining over time. The dashed fuchsia line represents the acceleration of the decline of lions over time. This line looks like it's zero but it's such a small acceleration that it doesn't show up well! The picture is a photo I took of my own art.

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