The Golf Swing in Relation to Calculus

Golf is believed to have origins that date back to 100BC. Today the game has grown internationally to the point where it will be reinstated into the 2016 Olympics. Golf is enjoyed by people of all ages, ranging from children as young as six to adults as old as 90. The popularity is shown in the 2009 statistic that suggests 28.6 million people take part in the game annually. Although the game itself is extremely enjoyable and fun to play, the mechanics of the golf swing is very complex. This model below relates the velocity of a golf swing to the distance traveled by the ball.
The red line shows the velocity of the golf club.
The yellow line shows the integral of the red function which shows the distance the ball would travel.

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Due to the complexity of the golf swing, which involves the angles of hands, weight of the club, hip turn etc., the exact distance the ball would travel is not to scale, but the relationship shown is true mathematically.
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