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By Phil Todd
Four Bar Linkage
You can drag the vertices of the shadow linkage to alter its geometry. Can you create a linkage which draws a figure 8?  How about the letter D?  How close to a straight line can you get? If you like this, you might like my 4 bar linkage clock app.

Tags: 4-bar-linkage, curve

By Phil Todd
Crazy Clock
I remember seeing a 4 bar linkage clock on the wall of a mechanical engineering professor. Here is my take on that.  (Green points can be dragged)

Tags: 4-bar-linkage

By Phil Todd
watts up
Watt's linkage is used to generate approximate straight line motion in automobile suspensions. Aee how it works. (Yes I'm using an alpha copy of GX version 3.2)

Tags: four-bar-linkage, suspension

By Phil Todd
Crank Slider
Here is a crank-slider linkage in the form used by the Hrones Nelson Atlas of linkages

Tags: 4-bar-linkage, mechanism

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