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By Duncan
Pascal's Limacon
Explore this interesting curve by changing lengths, then see the animation which creates the limacon.

Tags: Limacon, Pascal, curve-animation

By Duncan
If we look beyond the circumference, what path does a point attached to a rolling wheel take?

Tags: Cycloid, curve, locus

By Duncan
Lissajous Figure
These were (easy and) fun to create on oscilloscopes in the dark days before computers.

Tags: Lissajous, parametric-curve

By Duncan
Rolling a smaller circle inside a larger one draws a hypocycloid

Tags: Cycloid, curve, circle

By Phil Todd
Four Bar Linkage
You can drag the vertices of the shadow linkage to alter its geometry. Can you create a linkage which draws a figure 8?  How about the letter D?  How close to a straight line can you get? If you like this, you might like my 4 bar linkage clock app.

Tags: 4-bar-linkage, curve

By Duncan
Cubic Spline
Many computer drawing programs use cubic splines to represent arcs. Our diagram shows how a spline can be constructed from 4 control points. We highlight that it is a moving average of two parabolas. These parabolas are exactly the string art parabolas.

Tags: spline, curve, parabola

By Amanda Snodgrass
Sinusoidal Tangent Mirrors
Look at a point on a sinusoidal curve (y=sin(x)) with a tangent line. Then, look at a point on the negative of your sinusoidal curve (y=-sin(x)) that is a mirror image of your first point. Then, notice that these mirror image points have mirror image tangent lines.


By Duncan
Function composition challenge 5
Find f(x) such that f(sin(x)) matches the mystery curve.

Tags: function-composition, trigonometry

By Duncan
Find the Multiple 4
Another mystery curve.  Can you find what multiple of sin(x) it is?

Tags: functions

By Duncan
Function Product Challenge 1
Can you define f(x) so that the red curve lies on top of the grey one?

Tags: functions, function-products, trigonometry

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