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By Phil Todd
Parabola Tangent Circumcircle
3 tangents of a parabola form a triangle.  Its circumcircle passes through the parabola's focus.  

Tags: parabola, focus, circumcircle

By Phil Todd
Maximum Area Triangle
The app uses a physical model to find the largest area triangle whose vertices lie on a smooth closed curve (defined by the red control points). The triangle defined by the tangent lines at the vertices is displayed, along with its medians. What do you notice about the maximum?

Tags: maximum-area

By Nick Halsey
Area Under Sine (draggable)
Observe the definite integral of sine, or the area between the function sin(x) and the x axis, and how it changes between different bounds by dragging the boundaries, a and b. What happens to the area when the interval is 2Π? Why?

Tags: Calculus, Defininte-Integral, Sine, Draggable

By Duncan
Triangle Areas
Can you triangles with integer side lengths and integer area?

Tags: triangle, area

By Faith
Soda Cantastrophy
Download app to see the effects of changing radius and rate of change on the area.

Tags: circle, radius, circumfrance, rate-of-change, related-rates, draggable

By Andrew Zhao
Euclids Elements - Book 2 - Proposition 14
One of my favorite apps because it looks deceptively simple, but takes some really creative thinking. This app creates a square (in red) that has the same area as a given quadrilateral.

Tags: Euclid, Elements, Geometry, Square, Quadrilateral

By Duncan
Normal Distribution
Calculate the area under a normal distribution.

Tags: statistics, normal-distribution

By Phil Todd
Circle Involute
Find the area of grass accessible to a goat who is tethered to a circular silo.

Tags: Involute, Circle, Goat

By Andrew Zhao
Euclids Elements – Book 1 – Proposition 42
To construct, in a given rectilineal angle, a parallelogram equal to a given triangle. In other words, given angle D and triangle ABC (in blue), construct a parallelogram (in yellow) that has an equal area to triangle ABC.

Tags: Euclid, Elements, Geometry, Parallelogram, Triangle

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