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By Nick Halsey
Cyclic Quadrilateral Theorem
The Cyclic Quadrilateral Theorem states that for a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle, the measures of opposite angles must add to 180 degrees. Drag the points and observe the angle measures to see how this theorem holds true.

Tags: Quadrilateral, Circle, Cyclic-Quadrilateral, Theorem, Proof, Draggable

By Andrew Zhao
Euclids Elements - Book 2 - Proposition 14
One of my favorite apps because it looks deceptively simple, but takes some really creative thinking. This app creates a square (in red) that has the same area as a given quadrilateral.

Tags: Euclid, Elements, Geometry, Square, Quadrilateral

By Andrew Zhao
Euclids Elements - Book 1 - Proposition 45
Creating a parallelogram equal to a given quadrilateral with a given angle.

Tags: Euclid, Elements, Geometry, Parallelogram, Triangle, Angle

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