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Euclid’s Muse is now Mobile-Friendly

We’ve just upgraded our design to fully respond to device sizes ranging from smartphones to tablets, laptops, desktops, and everything else in between. While Euclid’s Muse has always been mobile-accessible, it used to be difficult to navigate, requiring constant zooming and scrolling to read text or interact with apps. Now, Euclid’s Muse is a joy to use on whatever device is handy, and you shouldn’t need to zoom in just to read the text, interact with an app, or select a link. Desktop-centric features like app uploads are still accessible, but de-emphasized in favor of content-consumption. With the responsive design update, certain display elements are now improved on larger/traditional devices as well, such as a flexible layout on the browse page.

As a bonus, we’ve added support for Linkedin sharing on apps as well as all social sharing options on blog posts like this one. We hope you enjoy these new features and, as always, let us know if you find a bug!

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