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Geometry Expressions 3.1 Released

We’ve released Geometry Expressions 3.1 (if you have version 3.0, install the update by going to the Help->Check for Updates menu). This release features many new features aimed at improving apps for Euclid’s Muse. New features include:

  • Several new features for generated JavaScript apps, Lua apps, and Dashboard Widgets:
    • New input controls:
      • Advance Button lets you increment a variable
      • Media Buttons give you more controls to change the variable
      • Random generates a random value within your specified range
      • Timer is handy for making clock apps and other animated apps
    • Outputs can now be attached to a Show / Hide Button. This feature combined with the Random input type is very handy for making practice apps where students can check their answers by clicking an answer button, then reload the page with a new problem.
    • HTML5/JavaScript apps can now include images (example).
  • Visibility Condition controls allow any object to be hidden or shown based on a mathematical condition. Use alongside the Advance Button or Media Buttons controls to generate apps that gradually reveal the inner workings of complicated constructions. (example)
  • Objects can now have constraints, annotations, and calculations applied at the same time.
  • A new export file format, Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg). SVG is the preferred format for graphics on Wikipedia; this flexible format is vector-based, meaning that the image will scale to any size needed. Look for Euclid’s Muse support for SVG uploads soon.
  • Two new built-in functions – ceil() and floor().

See the complete details about Geometry Expressions 3.1 here.

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