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Squeezing Twisted Savonius Wind Turbine Model

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This model demonstrates that the surface of the Twisted Savonius wind turbine’s blades are geometrically squeezed as the twist angle is increased and the parametric position is moved up and down the turbine.

Learn more about the squeeze.

Learn more about the Geometry of the Twisted Savonius Wind Turbine project.

Note: the calculated radius in this particular example cannot be accurate because the model is a 2d geometric approximation of the real 3d shape. Accurate calculations are made from the top view model, which is visually more difficult to comprehend. The calculation here still varies accurately as the twist angle is changed and the position is moved up and down the turbine, but it also varies as the rotation is changed (which shouldn’t happen).

Tags: Twisted-Savonius, Wind-Turbine, Pseudo-3d, Model, Squeeze, Geometric, Real-World, Ellipses, Arcs, Loci, Parametric/Proportional
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