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By Duncan
Function composition challenge 5
Find f(x) such that f(sin(x)) matches the mystery curve.

Tags: function-composition, trigonometry

By Faith
Soda Cantastrophy
Download app to see the effects of changing radius and rate of change on the area.

Tags: circle, radius, circumfrance, rate-of-change, related-rates, draggable

By Nick Halsey
Simple Similar Triangles
Drag points A, B, and C to change the size and shape of the blue triangle, and its white counterpart that is similar (constrained by proportional SAS). Drag the Red point D to change the ratio in sizes. Observe the multitude of calculated output lengths and angles, and how they match the proportion value, proving similarity, regardless of the triangles' shapes/sizes.

Tags: Triangles, Similar, Ratios, Draggable, Outputs,

By Nick Halsey
Chord Angle Theorem
The chord angle theorem states that in an inscribed triangle (ABC) where A is the center of the circle and BC is a chord, and BDC is an inscribed triangle on the same chord, angle BDC must equal one half of angle BAC. Try changing the angle and moving point D and observe the theorem’s truth. Note: the measure of angle BDC is being constantly recalculated as point D is dragged, but it doesn't change because of this theorem.

Tags: Chord, Angle, Theorem, Circle, Draggable, Proof

By Nick Halsey
Cyclic Quadrilateral Theorem
The Cyclic Quadrilateral Theorem states that for a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle, the measures of opposite angles must add to 180 degrees. Drag the points and observe the angle measures to see how this theorem holds true.

Tags: Quadrilateral, Circle, Cyclic-Quadrilateral, Theorem, Proof, Draggable

By Nick Halsey
Vector Combinations and Span
AB and AC are vectors. Vector AF is defined by t(AB) + s(AC) where t and s are scalars. Drag E and D to change the scalars and see how using the scalars creates vectors in the plane defined by AB and AC.

Tags: Vectors, Scalars, Addition, Calculus, Draggable

By Duncan
Newton Raphson 3 iterations
Look at the first three iterations of the Newton Raphson method starting from a point you determine on a function you define. You'll see that when it's good it's very very good and when it's bad its awful.

Tags: root, function, Newton

By Duncan
function product challenge 2
Can you find f(x) such that f(x)*g(x) = h(x)  (Yes, you could use f(x) = h(x)/g(x), but be more elegant!!)

Tags: functions

By Phil Todd
Moving point
We watch a point move according to a given displacement graph (which we can edit)

Tags: function, motion, displacement

By Duncan
Function Product Challenge 3
This time h(x) is unknown.  Can you find f(x) so that f(x)*sin(x) = h(x)?

Tags: functions

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