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by Phil Todd

Trammel foci

Altering |AB| and |AC| changes the ellipse. Can you find a relationship between |AB|, AC| and |DE|, the distance between the foci?
by Phil Todd

Maximum range on a slope

It turns out that (ignoring air resistance) the projectile with the maximum range on a sloping plane follows a parabolic trajectory where the focus of the parabola lies on the plane. Drag the red point to change the slope of the plane.  Use the slider to change the muzzle velocity. Can you infer from the properties of a parabola that the initial direction of the projectile bisects the angle between the sloped plane and the vertical?

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Mechanical Expressions Beta Extended through March

Greetings everyone! We have some exciting news about our new product: Mechanical Expressions. If you haven’t heard, Mechanical Expressions lets you create models of mechanical phenomena using the same interface as Geometry Expressions. We have just extended the beta through the end of March 2014, so if you have yet to try it out, now […]

Updates to Euclid’s Muse

We are excited to announce some of the recent updates to Euclid’s Muse. The front page has been reorganized so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for (and it’s much nicer to look at). Join us on the new forums page and help build our community by posting your questions, comments and app creation […]

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