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By Phil Todd
Define f(x).  Make g(x) its derivative.  Press Answer to see if you entered the correct formula. Use in reverse for antiderivatives.

Tags: Derivative, calculus

By Phil Todd
A graphical differentiation quiz

Tags: calculus, derivative

By Phil Todd
Taylor series
Inspect the first three terms of the Taylor series of any function.

Tags: Taylor-Series, calculus, derivative, differentiation

By Nick Halsey
Basic Derivatives
Drag the point to see how the slope of the line relates to the x value of the point at which it’s tangent to the function. Can you figure out what the function is, based on the values of the x and y coordinates? The slope of the line can also be represented in terms of x; can you figure out what this representation is? This representation is the derivative of the entire function, not just at a single point. This is called the derivative of the function, and can be notated by, for example, the derivative of F(x) = F’(x), although there are many other notations as well.

Tags: Calculus, Derivatives, Functions

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