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By Phil Todd
Nicomedes Construction for Cube Root
Nicomedes Conchoid is a curve generated by a device involving two sliding joints. It can be used in this construction for two mean proportionals (which is Greek for finding a cube root). See if you can use it to extract cube roots of rational numbers.

Tags: Nicomedes, conchoid, construction

By Phil Todd
Nicomedes Conchoid Clock
This device is illustrated in Eustocius Commentaries on Archimedes (well.. not the clock part of it, I admit.)

Tags: clock, conchoid, nicomedes

By admin
Nicomedes Conchoid
Nicomedes Conchoid is described in Eutocius' commentaries of Archimedes' book on Spheres and Cylinders.  Archimedes glibly describes finding two mean proportionals (equivalent to extracting a cube root).  Eutocius describes a dozen more or less slippery ways of doing this.  One involves a drawing apparatus invented by Nicomedes, on which this clock is based.  Drag the red point to vary the curve.

Tags: clock

By Phil Todd
Nicomeded Conchoid Apparatus
This illustrates the apparatus used to draw Nicomedes Conchoid. The conchoid was used by Nicomedes in a geometric construction for extracting a cube root.

Tags: Conchoid, nicomedes

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