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By Phil Todd
Hyperbola Polar Line
The polar line is the locus of the intersections of tangent lines at the ends of chords of teh parabola through a fixed point. Turns out to be conceptually important - not just a curiosity.

Tags: polar, conic, hyperbola

By Phil Todd
Rotating Cube
I saw a demo where a foam cube had a knitting needle inserted along the long diagonal, and was rotated by spinning the needle between the palms of the hands. The sides of the cube formed a curve... in fact a portion of a hyperbola, as this video illustrates.

Tags: Hyperbola, cube

By Phil Todd
hyperbolic clock with explanation
The hyperbolic clock is all about the parametrization.  Press the explain button to see why it moves the way it does.

Tags: hyperbola, clock

By Duncan
And the envelope please...
What is the phantom curve you see when you look at a set of lines, perpendicular to a set of chords through a common point in a circle?

Tags: envelope, circle, ellipse, hyperbola

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