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By Aidan Wenzel
Sliding Ladder Problem
One of the first calculus class problems is the sliding ladder. In this problem, a ladder is resting against a wall when, all of a sudden, it starts sliding down! In this problem you're solving for dx/dt or the rate at which the point B is moving away from the wall (point C). Input constraints: -The rate of slide must be negative for the ladder to slide down -The initial height of the ladder must be less than the ladders length

Tags: Ladder, Calculus, Derivatives, Pythagorean-Theorem

By Tom Smith
Piano mover's problem
Can you move a piano round a particular corner?  

Tags: piano-problem, ladder-problem

By Tom Smith
Piano Moving 2
First look at Piano Moving Seeing multiple positions of the piano at once makes the problem easier. Next look at Piano Moving 3

Tags: piano-problem, ladder-problem

By Tom Smith
Piano moving 3
First look at Piano Moving and Piano Moving 2 We invert the problem and ask what size corners a specific piano can only just fit round.

Tags: piano-problem, ladder-problem

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