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By Phil Todd
Inverted Trammel 2
Archimedes trammel draws an ellipse if used properly. Turning the trammel upside down gives a curve which is certainly not an ellipse.

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By Phil Todd
Inverted Trammel
Archimedes trammel draws an ellipse if you fix the base and move the handle. What happens if you fix the handle and move the base? Drag point D to find out. See the curve.

Tags: trammel, ellipse

By Phil Todd
Trammel foci
Altering |AB| and |AC| changes the ellipse. Can you find a relationship between |AB|, AC| and |DE|, the distance between the foci?

Tags: ellipse, foci, trammel, principal-axes

By Phil Todd
Archimedes Trammel has 2 sliders and 1 degree of freedom.  This ”supertrammel” has 3 sliders and still has 1 degree of freedom.  We made one out of wood and enjoyed playing with it. You can play with this electronic reproduction.

Tags: trammel, cycloid

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