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By Phil Todd
A collection of whimsical timepieces

Tags: clocks

By saltirenews
Whimsical Clocks Ch.1 Morphing Clock
We begin this collection of weird and wonderful mathematical clocks with the Morphing Clock that changes shape as time passes. The Geometry Expressions file is included so you can see how it was made and make new versions for yourself!

Tags: clocks, morphing curves

By saltirenews
Whimsical Clocks Ch.2 Abacus Clock
Like your hands, an abacus lets you count in fives and tens. The first pair of columns are for hours, the second pair for minutes and the third pair for seconds. The bead at the top of each column counts for 5 single beads. The beads in the main compartment of the left column each count for 10 single beads. The bead in the top compartment, left column, counts as 50.

Tags: clocks, Abacus

By saltirenews
Whimsical Clocks Ch.3 Binary Clock
Our binary digital clock has 3 sections, red beads for hours, purple for minutes and cyan for seconds. Beads in the up position represent the binary digit 1, beads in the down position represent 0. In addition to the Binary Clock, we've provided a Binary Test app to practice your binary numbers.

Tags: clocks, Binary numbers

By saltirenews
Whimsical Clocks Ch4 Kaleidoscope Clock
A Kaleidoscope works as a combination of reflections. Mirrors are typically arranged in an equilateral triangle producing multiple reflections as a symmetric pattern which changes as the triangle rotates. The apps in this collection explain how it's done, and then, of course, turn the kaleidoscope into a clock!

Tags: reflections, clocks, kaleidoscope

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