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By Nick Halsey
Epic Circle Trace 2
A triangle, defined by three points that are located proportionally around a circle by functions of t, is traced as t varies from 0 to 2Π. What are the functions of t, f(t), g(t), and h(t), that define the points D, E, and F, respectively? Hint: one of the functions is _(t) = t.

Tags: Trace, puzzler, circle, triangle, proportional-point, functions

By Nick Halsey
Epic Circle Trace
A line passes intersects a circle at two points. Each point is located proportionally around the circle in terms of a given function of t. The path of the line’s movement is traced as t varies. Try changing/animating t. Can you figure out how each point is constrained, in terms of t? Look at the gx source file for the answer. Hint: look at the period of the movement, and how it changes as t changes.

Tags: Trace, puzzler, circle, proportional-points, functions

By Duncan
Function Product Challenge 3
This time h(x) is unknown.  Can you find f(x) so that f(x)*sin(x) = h(x)?

Tags: functions

By Duncan
Find the Multiple 4
Another mystery curve.  Can you find what multiple of sin(x) it is?

Tags: functions

By Duncan
function product challenge 2
Can you find f(x) such that f(x)*g(x) = h(x)  (Yes, you could use f(x) = h(x)/g(x), but be more elegant!!)

Tags: functions

By Nick Halsey
Basic Derivatives
Drag the point to see how the slope of the line relates to the x value of the point at which it’s tangent to the function. Can you figure out what the function is, based on the values of the x and y coordinates? The slope of the line can also be represented in terms of x; can you figure out what this representation is? This representation is the derivative of the entire function, not just at a single point. This is called the derivative of the function, and can be notated by, for example, the derivative of F(x) = F’(x), although there are many other notations as well.

Tags: Calculus, Derivatives, Functions

By Duncan
Function Product Challenge 1
Can you define f(x) so that the red curve lies on top of the grey one?

Tags: functions, function-products, trigonometry

By Nick Halsey
Epic Circle Trace 3
Four points are located proportionally around a circle, according to four different functions of t. A figure connecting the four points is traced through t. What are the four functions? Look at the .gx source for the answer. Tip: press "go" to animate t at a constant rate from 0 to ∏ and back, looped.

Tags: Proportional-point, function, circle, puzzler, trace, ellipse, sometimes-quadrilateral

By Nick Halsey
Circle Radius and Proportional Position Puzzler
Five circles are centered proportionally around an ellipse according to functions of the variable r. Each circle’s radius is defined by the same function as its position, of r. Can you figure out the five functions of r which define the five circles? Download the .gx source for the answer. Tip: if you press the ”go” button, r will animate at a constant rate and the ellipse will stay a constant size. If your drag the slider, note that the ellipse is not changing size or position, but the app is zooming in and out in order to display everything within its window most efficiently. Hint: one circle’s radius and position are defined by f(r) = r.

Tags: Circles, radius, proportional-position, puzzler

By Irina Lyublinskaya
Exploration of The Mean Value Theorem
Try different functions to explore The Mean Value Theorem.

Tags: calculus

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