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By Phil Todd
Not a spline
Where do you put the control points of a cubic spline in order for the spline to be a piece of a parabola? Explore here.  Prove using Geometry Expressions (or by hand).

Tags: spline, parabola

By Duncan
Cubic Spline
Many computer drawing programs use cubic splines to represent arcs. Our diagram shows how a spline can be constructed from 4 control points. We highlight that it is a moving average of two parabolas. These parabolas are exactly the string art parabolas.

Tags: spline, curve, parabola

By Phil Todd
Spline Approximation
Spline approximation to a quarter unit circle.  Can you find the best value for parameter a?

Tags: spline, circle

By Phil Todd
Spline Clock
This clock is made from 4 pieces of parabola.  Drag the red 'control points' to change its shape.

Tags: parabola, spline, clock

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